Monday, 19 January 2015

a brief introduction

Hello! I’m Sara. I once had a blog that I thought I loved but it ended up becoming something I should have written for myself in 2009. Style blogs are everywhere and to try and fit yourself into a niche when you’ve missed the proverbial boat isn’t challenging — it’s exhausting and boring. 

As time went on, I grew up and my interests changed. Clothes are an expression and I still love to get dressed [who doesn’t], but a lot of things I used to read have turned into commercials and I don’t know one person who enjoys those. While being lucky enough to be sponsored is fantastic, you’ve still got to be genuine right? Right!

I like shopping, I love to travel, I have always been keen on art and film, and I have a French Bulldog named Lincoln. I can’t tell you what this blog will become but what I can promise you is that this space will remain genuine. The subject matter here will be true to my life and what I fancy. If you have stumbled upon this post today and find yourself intrigued, I hope you return for more!


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