Thursday, 29 January 2015

out and about: holborn

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to London to catch up with a friend and to have a little visit with Elvis Presley. I have stayed in hotels in London before but The Hoxton in Shoreditch is by far my favorite. When I heard they had recently opened a new hotel in Holborn, I had to check it out. Not only was the location super convenient [my friend was staying a 3 minute walk away], but it was also cheaper than any Airbnb in the area.

Because it was just me, I opted for their smallest room, The Shoebox. I'll be honest, for being a shoebox-sized room, it was roomier than most I've stayed in in London.

What I loved most were the little details. I am pretty sure the wallpaper was meant for me specifically -- there are Frenchies on it!! I also found it super hard not to steal accidentally pack one of the coffee mugs and the tea bag holder in my bag before leaving [shameful I know and behavior I absolutely do not condone, for the record].

My favorite thing about both Hoxton locations is that there is a real sense of community. With their on site restaurants [1 & 2], coffee shop/bar, and [at the Holborn] the nail salon. There's a comfort there that I can't really put into words. After a day out you're not just coming back to a cold hotel. The Hoxton is buzzing, warm and always inviting. The beds are super comfy too! Did I mention the free breakfast in a bag?!?

The Hotxon Holborn

199 - 206 High Holborn London,
United Kingdom
t: +44 (0) 20 7661 3000

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