Tuesday, 20 January 2015

tuesday shoes

I’m not a girl that has ever used the term #tuesdayshoesday. I’ve seen the hashtag around and I like shoes, but not enough to label Tuesday as “Shoesday”. Pretty sure everyday is shoesday, but I digress.

This all changed a few weeks ago when Kate Bosworth announced her collaboration with Matisse Footwear. She featured these babies on her Instagram and I instantly fell in l-o-v-e.


While they are not available until Spring…[I think I read somewhere, more specifically, March] Vogue has featured a few of Kate’s designs on their website. The red version of her booties — Amazing! There are also mules! 

I have a feeling this will be the first [and last] time I ever spend the equivalent to a monthly salary on shoes. Not proud, definitely not proud. Thanks Kate!

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