Monday, 16 February 2015

a monday minute

Today we've been rather busy -- busy trying to finish our errands in-between spells of rain.  It has definitely felt like a Monday.

We braved the rain one final time to go and visit a farm at which Lincoln will be staying while I travel back to the USA for a bit in March. He seemed very much at home with the other dogs and loved sniffing the noses of the horses in the stables. I think he will have tons of fun during his stay and as much as I'm excited for him and his adventures, I absolutely hate leaving him! I am the epitome of a worrier when it comes to Lincoln. I guess that's something I have to try and work on. Plus, I'm hoping his stay will feel like a vacation to him too.

Alright! Time to cuddle up with my sleepy pup and a cup of tea. No more rainy excursions today! Have a great week guys!

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