Tuesday, 17 February 2015

blast from the past

Do you ever get that ping of embarrassment when you think back to something silly you said or did when you were a kid? It's amazing how something so juvenile and so irrelevant can still send you into a "shake my head" moment. Well, I just had a whole load of those pings. They weren't so much smh moments as they were "face to palm" moments.

I recently remembered that, years ago, I had a livejournal account. I also impressed myself with remembering my username, and by some miracle, my password. I thought it would be fun to have a rifle through some of my entries -- LOL so not a good idea!

My last entry was 10 years ago! At the time I was just trying to stay motivated enough to finish my senior year of high school while being significantly distracted by rock shows, films and novels. Realistically, a lot of that hasn't changed, which makes me think maybe my life ambitions were correct all along? One thing I know for certain though? My taste in men was seriously lacking. I'm just thanking the lord there are no pictures!

As much as I (and I think a lot of people) get upset about how fast time flies, I would never go back to that time. Maybe only to tell myself to buckle down a little more... but then my younger self would just tell me I sound like my dad. Who wants to hear that?!?

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