Thursday, 26 February 2015


*Listening: I recently made a playlist for my iPhone in order to get me through my commutes into and out of London. I've added some newer tunes but when it comes to feeling good and uplifted I tend to fall back on classics. The play list ranges from The Eagles to City & Colour with a smattering of Taylor Swift's 1989 album.

*Watching: Better Call Saul! The spin off of Breaking Bad follows everyones favorite pseudo lawyer and how he became to be. Watch a new episode every Tuesday on Netflix!

*Doing: Procrastinating...I had all week planned out with "to-do's" in order to get my place and myself in order before my trip back to the States. I wanted to be packed and ready to leave without a hitch or a worry. It's now Thursday and the only thing I've done is laundry.

*Planning: I have been trying to plan some things to do on my trip. While the primary goal is to visit family, I'd like to have some sights to see and coffee to drink. I'll be in San Antonio and Austin for a week. If anyone has any suggestions on where to eat, shop, and recharge, leave them in the comments below.

*Growing: I have never really had a green thumb but lately that seems to have changed. I have a lily that is nearly two years old, an orchid, and I just recently brought home a fern (he's my favorite). I love having a little outside, inside.

**This post was inspired by Katie of skunkboy and Dani of Sometimes Sweet.

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