Tuesday, 3 March 2015

sorry i'm late

Well, apologies for the incredibly late post. What started off as a smooth and very comfortable flight from London to the States quickly turned into the longest customs line EVER, running through airports, lost luggage, and a night in a hotel. After being awake for 25+ hours, I was beyond exhausted. All is well now though as I am cosy and eating chicken pot pie at my mom's house in Texas. My luggage was also found and delivered thank goodness!

I usually post at noon when I am back in the UK, which is quite an early post time for the States. I will try and make my posts by noon (my local time) while I'm here. So UK readers, expect a post around 6pm. All will be back to normal once I'm back from my trip. Hang in there -- things may get a bit unpredictable. I will try my best to remain on a consistent schedule.

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