Monday, 23 March 2015

spring fever

Yesterday was gorgeous! It was sunny and had me feeling very productive. I gave the house a quick  tidy and even debated on giving the grass its first cut of the year. Instead I decided to let Lincoln enjoy the sunbathing opportunities and his first, nearly full, day outside. Everyone on the street seemed to be taking advantage of the weather as well. All the activity made for good window watching when Linc did finally decide to make his way back into the house.

Because the temperature is suppose to remain pretty consistent throughout the week and sunny to Wednesday (fingers crossed), I have decided to devise a solid plan for the outside of the house. I need to invest in some nice lawn furniture -- I'm very much a fan of alfresco dining. I also want to find some nice pavers to dress up my fire pit/barbeque and I want a variety of planters and pretty flowers to bring some color (and good bugs) into my garden. All of this will require a bit more research of course... Linc tends to be a flower chomper.

Any suggestions for a beginner gardener would be much appreciated!

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