Thursday, 30 April 2015

10 things

1 - I hate finishing a book. Not because it wasn't good but because I'll never be able to experience that book the same way again. I wish I could always be the first-time reader.

2 - Shows I'm obsessed with:

  • Revenge: Jack and Emily need to be together already. PS- I want to punch Margo.
  • Hannibal: The show makes you feel like a psychopath. Why is Hannibal so likeable?! 
  • Scandal: Two words -- Olivia Pope. Her wardrobe is seriously amazing and Fitz is one hot President. Honestly, this show saved my opinion of Tony Goldwyn -- who could ever forget his Ghost character!?! No one puts out a hit on Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and is liked afterwards!

3 - Watching what I know would be an amazing photograph pass me by gives me a feeling of regret that is surprisingly hard to recover from. "Why didn't I stop the car?" "Why don't I have my camera?" "I'll never see that again." 

4 - I don't have any tattoos, but I have numerous ideas for one, two, three...

5 - My first celebrity crush was Michael Keaton. My other early celebrity crush that I rarely admit to is Jeff Goldblum... not sure why that's such a secret. 

6 - I always thought about opening a coffee shop with a used book exchange. Bring in a good book (good is not something by Kim Kardashian) and get another, or have a discount on your coffee and cake. I am clueless on how I would even begin that venture.

7 - I rarely wash my jeans or my hair. (hair, at least once a week -- lather, rinse, repeat is not a suggestion I recommend)

8 - I have a pretty solid awareness that I will never be someone that settles in one place for too long. Perhaps that's the reason I have a problem decorating my current space. There are just too many cool places I want to live.

9 - Something I never thought I would say before moving to England: I now love London more than New York City. Sorry Big Apple.

10 - If I could drink and chain smoke with anyone for an evening and not wake up with a serious hangover, I'd pick Jack Kerouac.

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