Thursday, 16 April 2015

let's hear your ideas

When I lost my Macbook and iPhone [I say lost but they were taken from me] late last month, I lost a lot! Not just those three things but everything those things contained; music, photos, files, ideas, contacts. It's something that is very difficult to recover from. You can take a day off from technology...but to permanently lose tools that involve everyday of your life is rough. It's honestly crazy how technology has invaded our lives isn't it?

A lot of my post planning is now gone and I have realised that since then, this blog is all over the place. I don't really have a set post schedule. I find that the lack of consistency is something that sets this blog apart from other blogs -- in a not so good way. In my current circumstances I am going to try my very best to rectify this. 

I told you at the beginning that this blog was going to remain honest and every post has been honest. Most blogs only contain posts about the good things but sometimes you need to let your readers know when things just aren't quite right. For me, right now is one of those times. I am so thankful for the collaborations with new friends and emails I've received that keep my spirits up when I honestly feel like quitting. The only thing I can say is thank you for being so patient and thank you so, so much for coming back to read! 

I'm going to take this weekend and brainstorm in order to get this little blog of mine back on track. Any suggestions would be awesome! Let me know what you have liked reading here -- what do you want to see more (or less) of?


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