Tuesday, 5 May 2015

out and about: meet burger

Yesterday I popped into a new burger place that opened near me, Meet Burger. It's been open a while but Monday being a bank holiday made it a perfect opportunity to visit.

The crate shelving and edison bulb light fixtures made this place every bit hipster, but their creative menu display and feature walls also brought on a bit of an American pop culture feel. I definitely felt right at home.

One of their homemade beverages is fresh brewed iced tea -- something that isn't really common here. There plain iced tea wasn't overly sweet so it hit the spot. 

I ordered the Meet Jose Luis Burger with monetary jack cheese, jalapenos, salsa (I love spicy!) and a side of their Dirty Fries. After finishing my meal my tummy was definitely smiling! 

Cheap prices and a nice burger selection will definitely have me returning. I haven't stopped thinking about the Dirty Fries since! They also have a good selection of alcohol which would make this place a perfect start to a night out with friends. 

For more info and to view the entire menu visit the Meet Burger website here. Did I mention they do desserts and brunch as well!?!

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