Thursday, 25 June 2015

best of britannia

I've mentioned before my love for domestic made goods. I love products that have a "Made in the USA" or "Made in the UK" tag. I think it's important that we should not only know where our goods come from but also know that when we by them, we are supporting local artisans and our economy. So when I find a brand I like, it's always a major bonus when I find out it's made domestically.

I'm heading to London tomorrow for the Best of Britannia event in Shoreditch. The B.O.B. celebrates British design and manufacturing. The event will be showcasing some of the best British brands, products, and music. My friends at Baker & Bray were invited to be a part of the B.O.B. showcase this year and have invited me to come show my support! I am really excited to support Baker & Bray and also check out other great British brands throughout the day.

Here are some brands that I can't wait to see:

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