Monday, 29 June 2015

meeting up with baker & bray

Last Friday I went to the Best of Britannia event in Shoreditch. I was invited by my lovely friends from Baker & Bray to come down and view their awesome doggy brand in person.

I met Milo and Rocco, the cutest Boston Terriers in London, who are owned by Richard, the creator behind this amazing brand. I can honestly say Richard has some of the most beautifully made pet accessories out there.

You can get an idea of what Baker & Bray has to offer here. Some of my favorite items are up and coming; they've got beautiful dog beds in a range of sizes that could easily pass as designer sofa/bed cushions (they are stacked behind Milo in the above photo). I love the idea of having things for Lincoln that look like they belong in our home. I have a a weird thing about cheap looking dog products that scream, "I have a pet!" I love my dog, so why shouldn't he have nice looking, well made things too? In the long run they look nicer and last longer.

I had so much fun learning about Baker & Bray's leather collars and leads, their variety of jackets, and up coming homewares. Check out some of my favorite items from their booth below:
  • Mayfair Lounger in olive: This jacket reminds me of an old school smokers jacket, which Richard told me was exactly the look he was going for. I like that these jackets secure behind the front legs and around the neck. Lincoln is pretty broad in the chest so we have problems finding jackets that aren't restrictive in the chest area. There's no chance of Lincoln being uncomfortable in this. 
  • Chelsea Colar & Lead in tan and chestnut: The hardware on these pieces are solid cast. So you wont ever have to worry about bending or weakening seems. They are heavy duty. 
  • Liberty Two-Tone Bandanna: These double sided bandannas are awesome. All the prints available are from Liberty's and are super soft.
  • The Rabbit Matt: I love the idea of something warm and cozy for my dog to snuggle up on. I have never seen anything like this and I think its beautiful to look at and to feel. 
  • New Beds/Cushions: These guys aren't on the website yet, but keep a look out here.
Seeing these products in person was such a great opportunity for me. I'm a big hands-on shopper. If something doesn't feel right I won't even bother. Baker & Bray offer nothing but quality. I know when I buy from them I'm investing in something amazing for my dog. Shop with confidence!

Baker & Bray items can also be found on Not On The Highstreet

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