Thursday, 2 July 2015

bob: the favorites

I attended the Best of Britannia event thanks to an invite from Baker & Bray. After meeting up with my guys and learning more about their brand, I took the opportunity to check out others around me. Boy did I find some awesome people and products!

Jessica De Lotz: Jessica is already a pretty well known name, having collaborations with the likes of Peroni, Smythson, and fans like Helena Bonham Carter! Her bespoke designs are a modern take on the past as she incorporates flea market finds into unique and one of a kind rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. I truly love her wax seal style necklaces and her "As Above, So Below" collection. She is also currently working on pet portrait jewellery with Houndworthy!

Contact Jessica:
Twitter: @JdLJewellery
Instagram: @JdLJewellery

* * *

Do Books: These guys are an independent publishing company based in Shoreditch where they make beautiful little guidebooks written by some great in-the-know people. I love the idea of a pocket sized 'how to' guide that can teach me something new or inspire me. The bee keeping book has me highly intrigued -- I love all the bee love happening. I'm also interested in reading Do Disrupt and Do Improvise. As you all know I'm a self-declared book hoarder so I'm sure  many of these will be added to my collection soon. Did I mention they have Ebooks and live lectures you can attend too?

Contact Do Books:
Twitter: @DoBookCo
Instagram: @dobookco

* * *

Kuku Big Bag: Candice Lau makes some of the most beautiful and functional leather goods I have seen lately. Their minimalist design and gorgeous colors caught my eye right away. Every bag is handcrafted by Candice in her London studio with traditional leather working tools. Her pieces are definitely something you have to see in person. If you're interested, she'll also teach you how to make your own bag.

Her takeaway box range reminds you of just that, a takeaway box you can carry on your shoulder. It even has the signature cross over closure of a takeaway box -- so cute! And the colors; there are so many! Her Hendrick Tote is my favorite. It is the original Kuku Big Bag and I love it's simplicity. It's just a beautifully versatile handbag. I'm definitely saving my pennies for one of these!

Contact Candice:
Twitter: @kukubigbag
Instagram: @kukubigbag

* * *

Phoebe Jewellery: Jewellery designer Phoebe Sherwood-Moore creates nature inspired jewellery collections that are handmade in silver, gold, and other natural elements. Her pieces remind me of fairy stories and evoke a childlike nostalgia for me. Phoebe's display at BOB was my favorite. It was just so beautiful, although very difficult to photograph -- curse you spotlights! We talked about all four of her collections and I quickly fell in love with two; the Antler Collection and the Moonlight Collection.

The Antler Collection is inspired by British nature but really struck a cord with me because it really reminded me of where I grew up as well. I love the silver Sacred Hart ring. The Moonlight Collection is super fun and revolves around crescent moons, stars, and cutesy bats; it's all very Halloween which is awesome because it's one of my favorite times of the year. These earrings and this ring are awesome but don't let me try to convince you. Like Jessica, Phoebe has got some A-list fans as well.

Contact Phoebe:
Instagram: @PhoebeJewellery

I really want to go shopping now! Who's with me?

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