Thursday, 16 July 2015


I think about ageing and how time becomes shorter because we grow older. The longer we live on this planet the more we have to compare time to. Everything speeds up and it only gets faster. I catch myself acting like a kid sometimes...or thinking about how different things would have been if I had the mindset I have now when I was sixteen or seventeen. It's true what they say, youth is definitely wasted on the young.

When we're young, all we want to do is grow up, be taken seriously, and be on our own. As adults all we want to do is slow down -- I want to slow down.

I use to get annoyed by how much my dad said, "I remember when you were this big," signalling with his hands my size as a baby. "Time goes way too quick," he'd say. I'd roll my eyes because all I could think about was how long it felt from January to June when school let out for Summer. How could time be quick? "My life is dragging!"

As an adult we finally come to the realisation that all the ramblings of our parents were true. They were right, we were wrong, and wether we want to believe it or not, to an extent, we are our parents.

Things I say scare me. Sometimes I have to turn around to be sure what I've said actually came from me and that my dad isn't somewhere in the room. LOL

I'm not sure whether I believe time should exist or not. Sometimes it's my friend and others it's my worst enemy. All I know is that it's fleeting and my goal is to my best to appreciate every bit of it because although a lot has passed me by, just the way I hoped and wished for as a kid, there's still plenty ahead of me.

At the latter end of twenty-nine, I am still very young.

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