Tuesday, 11 August 2015

feeling happy & motivated

So, the house painting continues and let me just say, I am enjoying it far more than I ever thought I would. There are certain things that I enjoy so much about the process.

  • I love the way fresh paint smells.
  • I love that moving the furniture gives you the incentive to not just paint but also clean behind things.
  • I like the way that old sheets (my drop cloths) feel under my bare feet. 
  • I have found that cheesy Country Music is fun to sing and also work to.
  • The sense of accomplishment after finishing a space keeps me motivated/inspired to make my space the very best it can be. 
As I continue to move through the house, I feel like it's finally beginning to feel like mine. It's a feeling that is long overdue. I wish I would have taken before pictures but I honestly don't feel like I need them. I'm so happy with the after I don't need a reminder of the bland before.

Tomorrow I am giving myself a day off and enjoying a day full of cuddle time with the cute little guy above cause he and I both deserve it. 

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