Tuesday, 15 September 2015

my little sprinter has a running injury

Another reason I've been MIA lately is because my pup ruptured his cruciate ligament in his left knee. It started with a slight limp after walks but shortly dissipated with shorter lead walks and taking a few days to rest. Then the limping came back and didn't go away. So after a second vet visit and an X-ray, Lincoln had surgery on Friday.

This is the second time Linc has been under anaesthesia -- the first when he was fixed, but this was his first ever big surgery. Although the surgery itself was quite simple and the least invasive of two options, anaesthesia always makes me nervous. Putting French Bulldogs under takes some special precautions so there's always a bit of worry there for me. In the end he came through the surgery just fine. Upon arriving home I could tell how much the pain medication was affecting him. He was quite loopy. We camped out on the sofa together so I could keep a close eye on him throughout the night.

When he woke up the next morning he was back to cuddling and wagging his tail but it's a slow road to recovery. He'll need special attention and gradual exercise for the next couple of weeks. I will also need to pay special attention to his running and jumping from now on as this injury could happen in his other knee down the road.

This could have been a rather costly surgery and may be another expense in the future. Thankfully, Linc is insured. I am a firm believer in pet insurance. You just never know when your healthy pet will need medical attention. If you're on the fence about insuring your pet, don't be. A small monthly direct debit is huge in the long run for your pet's health and safety. After all, pets are not just pets... they're family!

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